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Coaching can be a great way to give back to the community and build leadership skills. Being a role model for young players can be extremely rewarding. Coaches have the responsibility of teaching the fundamentals of the sport, empower the next generation, and building a better community. SALL appreciates all of our coaches for their time and support. Please contact our coaching coordinator if you are interested or if you have any questions:

Chris Simpson
SALL Coaching Coordinator
[email protected]


  • Must encourage players at all times and will not damage the self-esteem of any player or parent at any time.
  • Understand that becoming "physical" (grabbing, pushing, hitting, physical or verbal intimidation, etc) with any player, parent, league official, opposing coaching staff, spectator, or umpire is not acceptable at any time - - such actions are grounds for serious consequences up to immediate removal as a manager or coach.
  • Will have undergone the standard Little League required background check
  • Have open, productive and strong relationships with the League, SALL Board of Directors, parents, and umpires at all times.
  • Demonstrate that they have an appreciation of the philosophy of Little League Baseball, SALL and cooperates with others in making the program of mutual benefit to all children in the program.
  • Recognize that they are agents of the Board and will follow the Board’s direction, philosophy, and advance the agenda for the League as set forth by the Board.
  • Recognize and accept that SALL has a zero tolerance policy for rules and regulations infractions and non-compliance with League code of conduct and facility use policies.
  • Attend all mandatory coaching and safety clinics
  • Lead by example in shaping acceptable behavior patterns whether the team wins or loses.
  • Have a solid understanding and agree to comply with all SALL rules, regulations, and code of conduct policies.
  • Reflect an understanding and appreciation of the age group they supervise.
  • Has experience in managing and/or coaching baseball at the level in which the candidate is being considered.
  • Respect the judgment and the position of authority of the umpire.
  • Exercise their leadership role, but leave the outcome of the ball game in the hands of the players.


Coaching little league is a choice you’ve made to serve the children and families in your community, and for that, Suisun American Little League says, “Thank you!”

We realize it’s not easy to volunteer your time, even if you have a child in the program, or on your team. The challenges of being a coach, however, are rewarded by the sharing of fun experiences, and forging positive memories that will last a lifetime.

Don’t minimize, or take for granted, the impact that you, and the thousands of Little League coaches like you around the world, have on your players throughout the season. Your willingness to see everyone equally and treat them with respect goes well beyond their ability to hit, run, or throw. Players who will be entering the league, or those getting their first look at the next level, welcome the chance to see what lies ahead, and the same is true of their parents.

SALL couldn't operate without all of our volunteers! We are deeply grateful for your support, time, and effort!

Thank you so much,

SALL Board of Directors


Suisun American Little League
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Suisun City, California 94585

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